Wednesday, March 12, 2008

EYEHATEGOD (awesome live set!)

Ok, for those of you that dont know eyehategod are an awesome NOLA band, who are pretty much credited for creating sludge metal (kinda heavy doom) & happen to be one of my favourite bands.
anyways, i just found this link to an awesome live set recorded last year, so check it out!


1 Dixie Whiskey
2 Blank
3 Blood Money
4 Masters of Legalized Confusion
5 Man is too Ignorant to Exist
6 White black
7 $30 Bag
8 Pigs
9 Serving Time in the Middle of Nowhere
10 Story of the Eye
11 Left to Starve
12 Turn Troubled Tables
13 Depress
14 Lack of ALmost Everything
15 Sister Fucker pt1
16 Children of God
17 new song
18 Revolution/Revalation
19 Peace Thru War

you should also try to track down mike williams (vocalist) "Cancer As A Social Activity" book, which has poems & lyrics & will truely fuck with your head!
mike williams is currently vocalist in arson anthem, phil anselmo's new band.

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