Monday, February 25, 2008

Art work for Discombobulation, 1st draft.

Ok, so I have no idea if this is gonna get approved but I love it so I thought I'd post it!
Buffalo Hunter was the 1st track recorded, so I just came up with the idea & went with it.
It's kinda small so you cant make out the dot-tone, but it looks sweet full size!
So far the back only has "Buffalo Hunter" on it, 'coz I dont know the full track list yet.


& here is the shirt design!


X24 said...

Colour tones are really really cool. Very western/old school cinematic stylie. Thought discombobulation was abit small but they hell do I know.

Also love the name of your blog. TST is a minefield.


Chi Sin Gweilo said...

These guys are so fuckin talented, you should check out the rough mix of their new track, go to: & check it out!
personaly, i think they beat the hell outta anything else heavy hk has to offer!

Pranjal said...

Fucking awesome! I want one of those shirts!