Thursday, February 7, 2008


ok, so happy chinese new year!
lazy start, 2 days off work, went for an awesome chili @ some friends house on wednesday, rocked the night away on guitar hero 3! back to work today, short new year celebration for us.
so, im in the process of starting a band, me (going by the name SC) Caligula on guitar & 10:66 on drums. kinda old school hardcore/punk/grind/old school metal/stoner/doom/thrash/crust hybrid! were calling ourselves "Rat Alley" which feels like a good name for the year of the rat, the name came around during a drunken conversation between me & joe (10:66) on rat alley, lan kwai fong.
caligula & 10:66 have already jammed & things are looking good!
anyways, i gotta get to work!

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