Sunday, August 17, 2008

finished PUNISHER figure!

ok, more pics + details:
removed & filed down the teeth from the skull on his chest, repainted chest, his face, added blood splatter
captain america style boots, belt + gloves, filed down pouches on hips & replaced with gun + holster on right hip, pouch on left (both from wolverine figure)
double barrel shotgun with holster attached to backpack (from another marvel figure, not sure which)
backpack made from pouches & straps for 1:6 figure webbing, with fully functioning plastic clips, can hold his night vision goggles (also from wolverine) & the side pocket holds his knives! straps have shells for his shotgun attached.

im hoping to get hold of a gambit figure next week, so i will also have a long coat for him too.






the original figure:


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