Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Finally finished my Chico portrait! for those of you that dont know, Chico was an incredibly cute chihuahua puppy we fosterd who unfortunatly died of parvo virus when he was just a 3 months. he originally came from a pet shop & when he was ill his owners couldnt be f@#ked to look after him. another victim of the hideous conditions that animals get put through here, if he had had proper vaccinations early on he would have been ok. why the hong kong government allow this to go on i dont know, we live in a society where lift buttons are wipped down evry 2 hours & yet tattoo studios have no hygiene regulations (find a studio with a sink in it's work area) & animal cruelty is a-ok.
anyways, been working on this on & off for a while & decided it was time to finish it! im kinda happy with him, let me know what you think!




Geoff D said...

That's wicked mate, can tell you put a lot of time into it. Got a nice photo-realistic feel to it especially round the nose/mouth area plus I'm loving the fuzzy effect of the fur. Is this acrylics or oils?

Chi Sin Gweilo said...

cheers mate, lot of time & love!
it's acrylics, started it ages ago & got a bit stuck with it, so left it a couple of months then finished it the other day.
really pleased with it, gonna start doing more, been kinda slack for a few years!