Saturday, July 12, 2008


Hello to anyone who actually reads this (i know there's a few of ya')
it's been a busy couple of weeks, the studio (star crossed tattoo for those of ya that dont know!) is super booked up, to be honest everyday is pretty much overbooked! (none of this "im booked up for two months" but then only do 2 or 3 hours work a day crap that you here from some "famous" studios who spend most of their time on their asses!) Julia is working solid 6 days a week!
anywho, is could be a long one, might be a bit of ranting (you have been warned!)

First up........ MORE COMIC NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After the new "Red Hulk" storyline being so good, i have recently gone back & read "Planet Hulk" which is even better!
visually it's incredible & so is the story, im not going to give anything away, JUST READ IT!
so far im through the first book, planet hulk, now im moving on to World War Hulk & World War Hulk:Frontline.
Pic from Planet Hulk (Incredible Hulk #96)

I mentioned a couple of comic shops in my last post, here are their details:

Causeway Bay Centre, 15-23 Sugar Street, Causeway Bay.
"METRO COMICS" shop 112

Ok, second up........ SKIN & INKS EXHIBITION.

im not gonna go too into detail, 'coz it's all in Julia's blog so just check out:
the exhibition went really well, the closing party was great! Julia tattooed live & most of our friends turned up to support us!
we basically had our own area which i was really militant about, so if i wouldnt let you in im sorry, i didnt want our area to turn into a circus like the studio working next to us. Julia did a sweet anchor design on Danny, see the pics below.
one of Julia's canvasses sold @ auction for $11000, to a guy that spoke to us at the opening party who said his budget was $10000, so were really glad he got it! pic below.....


Joe said...

Was a wicked night. Nice pics, wish I brought my camera.

Chi Sin Gweilo said...

cheers for coming & showing julia support, oh & also helping us stash those beers!