Friday, May 16, 2008


wow, just re-watched the Converge "long road home" video, & i realised most of the venues are like school halls! the pa's are not amazing, & yet anything less than perfection doesnt seem to be good enough for a lot of local hk bands.
then again, Converge have a true punk/hardcore attitude, these guys just wanna bust their asses playing as many shows as possible.
im glad a small punk scene is starting to show up in hk, oi! squad, defiant scum & my band (rat alley) will be playing more shows soon, & we will put on a good show with whatever we got!
if i could afford to i would be putting on shows everyweek, but with the cost of kit i cant, this could be one of the many things holding hk back, coz lets face it for a city like hk, the music scene is weak.

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