Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Shit day, wet cold & miserable, feels just like good old blighty!
not much to write really, got some stuff i have to finish the design work on today, hopefully i'll have it all done by tomorrow & i can start getting my prototypes made (sorry for being vague, but im trying to keep this anonymous!)
just finished reading alan moores "watchmen" today, & too be honest the ending is kind of a let down! was really enjoying it before today, but the last chunk just didnt do it for me, have now decided that it WONT make a good movie, but then what comic based story does? (ok, so sin city was good but it was basically written as a bloody movie story board!)
anyways, not got much to moan about today, still creeping around my own flat due to the guy who lives below complaining we "talk too loud & are out partying every night" he doesnt seem to realise that not everyone has the luxury of a 9-5 job (or would want one!) & if people are arriving home @ 1 or 2 am they must have been partying!
once ive got my prototype tattoo machine frames taken care of ive pretty much got a free day 2mrw, probably just take it easy, walk the dogs, maybe watch a movie, might try & do some painting................

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