Monday, January 28, 2008


Ok, so Im new to all this blog business!
I guess im just gonna generally moan about Hong Kong! Dont get me wrong, I love Hong Kong just not all of it's residents.
So, today on my way to work a local felt the need to shout "foreigner's go to hell" @ my wife & I.
My wife was born here, so is she really a foreigner? if someone is born in england, then regardless of race they are classed as english & yet here in Hong Kong she is regarded as a foreigner, would that not be found incredibly racist back in england?

Living in Hong Kong, i guess im pretty much a bit of an outcast! I dont wear a suit to work & I dont like football or rugby, apparently (i have been told by locals) this means im not really english! Im not patriotic, so comments like that dont bother me, even comments like "wow, you're really nice for a white person" dont bother me that much (hey, how many yuppie gweilo arseholes are there in HK!) but what pisses me off is people assuming that im just another gweilo trying to cash in on the local "scene".
This probably sounds like jumbled nonsense, but it will hopefully all start to make sense as i go along!

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